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November 12, 2010
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Kaiju File 1: Jovis by a3dkid Kaiju File 1: Jovis by a3dkid
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Learn more on the plot here [link]

At last! My first official Kaiju File! And I have to say, Jovis has changed so much from his previous incarnations when I first got here (and was still using MS paint). For me, making this here kaiju file is MASSIVE accomplishment, considering how hard it was for me to create something similar many months back.

I perhaps put most heart into this, as it is an introduction to a transition of the way I use Photoshop to color, edit, as well as combining images. It also reminds me of how far I've improved from being the simple DA newbie I was back in late 2008 (when I was using MSpaint).

With this done, I can now look more into other ideas that I currently am planning to submit (including KAS).

P.S. I thank all of my subscribers throughout the years for helping me keep motivated on my art, and to improve more no matter what happens, and everyone who gave advice on how I can make things better. :)

I updated some of the information of this file, including fixing the grammar (at least as much as I can find) as well as giving a new strength and weakness. I also replaced "Greek" with "Roman"... how could I make such a jarring mistake like that.
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Lordoftheswarm40k 4 days ago  New member Hobbyist General Artist
An excellent Kaiju! This is exactly what I like about Jovis, muscle and brutish! Just Fantastic. I love your inspiration on how these creatures become monstrous!! 
This guy is Beautiful!  Four arms, no breath weapons, huge power and durability, and a sweet look add up to make one heck of a brawler kaiju!
Yup! He was designed to be completely for melee! Usually, main kaijus tend to be more generalists types, so I wanted to create a character whom is unique to being an entirely melee oriented monster, which is why he has 4 arms and is bigger than most main kaijus. It also gives the added fun for making his enemies even bigger. I also like to play with the usual story tropes, for example in many anime, the diminutive hero uses his super-fast speed to slice up the big mook. Here it's the opposite, he uses his size and reach to make sure he catches a smaller, faster kaiju before he can do major damage.
mexicanzilla Nov 17, 2013  Hobbyist Artist
somehow is tragic that those animals beging to change as kaiju.
and some how outdated by new kaiju species
That's actually a pretty major theme in this Kaijuverse.
4 arms, he'll need extra everything if he wants to stand up to creatures like godzilla
I don't like being compared to some of Toho's classics (because I'm not worthy), but what I wanted to create out of Jovis is a kaiju that's ludicrously tough, to compensate the fact he does not have ranged attacks.
IdrewAcow Oct 3, 2011  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Impressive! I like the patterns on his shoulders and back.
I wouldn't fight him :D
Ooh sweet guy! He seems like a real juggernaut. He... Is a good guy, in relative terms, right? =P
Yup he is a good guy.
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